At Healthier Kids Foundation Santa Clara County, we believe that health care is a basic human right.

Healthier Kids Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization (Federal Tax ID 77-0545774).

Our mission is to ensure that every child in our community receives the appropriate care that they need to thrive. There is no human endeavor that is outside the realm of health.We believe it should not hurt to be a child. All children should have equal access to the quality health care that they need to be healthy, academically successful, and socially successful–enabling them to become productive adults.

Healthier Kids Foundation Santa Clara County (HKF), formerly Santa Clara Family Health Foundation, believes that it should not hurt to be a child.  HKF has made significant strides in its goal of providing universal health coverage to children.  HKF has spent over a dozen years advancing the Healthy Kids program and the Children’s Health Initiative, which together have significantly expanded children’s health coverage.  The children in Santa Clara County now have the highest rate of health coverage of all of California’s 58 counties.  The emphasis of HKF is to focus on children’s health and ways in which it can help children become “Healthier Earlier”.

HKF successfully partners with community-based organizations, public entities, and public school systems (Head Start and state preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, and secondary schools) to: (a) provide health screenings (hearing, oral health, and vision) to low-income children; (b) connect parents to the appropriate preventative and intervention health services based on the outcome of their children’s screening results; (c) identify uninsured children and assist their parents with enrolling them into subsidized health coverage; and (d) provide healthy lifestyle education to parents and caregivers that help to prevent and reduce childhood and adolescent obesity.  In the past three years, HKF has connected with over 900 sites throughout Santa Clara County to deliver these services to large populations of children where they naturally gather as a means of connecting them to preventive health services that contribute to their health, well-being, and educational outcomes.

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Our Work:

Community Outreach, Prevention, and Education Program

The primary objective of the Community Outreach Prevention and Education (COPE) program is to identify uninsured children and assist their parents in applying for and enrolling their children into subsidized health coverage. Since its establishment in 2011, the COPE program has established almost 40 partnerships with community-based organizations throughout Santa Clara County and has identified over 1,800 uninsured children.

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Baby Gateway

Launched in December 2012, the Baby Gateway Project’s (BGP) primary goals are to: (1) increase access to health coverage and a medical home for newborns; (2) decrease emergency room use for children under the age of one; and (3) support Medi-Cal parents in creating a safe, healthy, and loving home in which to raise their children.

The BGP was piloted at O’Connor Hospital in San Jose and Saint Louise Regional Hospital in Gilroy. In the first six months, the BGP served over 700 mothers.

The BGP was launched at Valley Medical ter in San Jose in July 2013.

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Challenge Team

The City of Santa Clara Challenge Team actively supports the well-being of children and families in Santa Clara by nurturing and facilitating valuable community relationships. Challenge Team engages service providers, and community leaders from non-profit organizations, city and county services, and school districts who serve and support the success of youth and families in the City of Santa Clara.

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10 Steps to a Healthier You!

10 Steps to a Healthier You! is a series of classes for childcare providers and their parents to learn how to develop and teach children good eating habits, become and remain physically active, minimize TV time, and get enough sleep.

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Utilizing Registered Dental Assistants, the DentalFirst program will screen preschoolers and kindergartners for cavities and the need for fluoride varnish and sealants. It is anticipated that the parents of 40% of the children screened will need to to be contacted to ensure that the children receive follow-up dental services.

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Using the AuDX Pro OEA screening device, this program screens children for undetected hearing issues and assists them with obtaining hearing services and receiving treatment.

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Using high-tech photo optic scan cameras, conduct vision screening among children ages 1-5 in child care and preschool setting to detect vision problems and provide immediate follow-up care so that the children can access vision services.

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