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Position Title: Case Manager (Spanish or Vietnamese)
FLSA Status: Non-Exempt, Hourly
Date: 5.17.2017
Reports To: Outreach Manager
Position: Full-time


Conduct: (1) community outreach to identify uninsured children and assist their families in applying for and enrolling them into health coverage through Medi-Cal, Healthy Kids, Kaiser Child Health Program, or Valley Kids Program; (2) case management to the parents/guardians of children who have participated in a DentalFirst, HearingFirst and/or VisionFirst screening to assist parents with accessing follow-up health services; (3) provide dental, hearing, and/or vision screenings and administrative support for those screenings, if needed;  and (4) provide and present information about HKF’s programs to the community.


The primary duties entail developing and/or strengthening relationships with community organizations to ensure effective and efficient referral systems are in place to identify uninsured children, prescreening to determine eligibility for a subsidized health coverage program, assisting with the application process, conducting follow up to ensure enrollment into a program, and collecting data of the entire process. In addition, staff assists in the coordination of and provides administrative support for DentalFirst, HearingFirst, and VisionFirst screenings throughout Santa Clara County.  The employee must be customarily and regularly engaged away from the employer’s place or places of business and attend events after business hours and on weekends.




  1. Acting as a liaison between Healthier Kids Foundation (HKF) and the community, provide a wide variety of complex services in the areas of community outreach, public presentations, and grassroots/neighborhood outreach campaigns in a variety of venues (e.g., preschools, child development centers, child care centers, clinics, emergency assistance network sites, social service nonprofit organizations, etc.) to identify uninsured children and assist them in enrolling into a health coverage program.
    1. Prepare and conduct presentations to parents and agency partners both in English and Spanish on established referral processes, eligibility requirements, and enrollment and maintenance processes for Medi-Cal, Healthy Kids, Kaiser Child Health Program, and Valley Kids Program.
    2. Assess and provide recommendations to enhance coordination and effectiveness of outreach activities for families.
    3. Identify and implement retention activities that support children retaining their health coverage in Medi-Cal, Healthy Kids, Kaiser Child Health Program, and Valley Kids Program, if necessary.
    4. Collaborate with staff to engage in appropriate outreach and enrollment activities.
    5. Research, schedule, and participate in weekend and evening community outreach activities, as appropriate.
    6. Coordinate and conduct community outreach, public presentations, and grassroots/neighborhood outreach activities within the community (e.g., preschools, child development centers, child care centers, clinics, emergency assistance network sites, social service nonprofit organizations, etc.) to identify uninsured children and assist their parents in enrolling them into appropriate health coverage, and provide additional resources, as needed.
    7. Provide information on all HKF’s programs to the community.
    8. Work weekends and evenings, as needed.
  2. Actively participate in the program’s achievement of performance outcomes related to outreach activities to identify and enroll uninsured children by regularly reporting progress to the Program Director.
    1. Track follow-up process for all referrals from families who benefited from HKF’s outreach activities within designated database system.
    2. Track outreach, referral, and enrollment activities, and prepare monthly and quarterly reports on activities and outcomes.
    3. Maintain accurate status of assigned cases within database system on a daily basis.
  3. Provide follow-up, using a case management approach, with the parents/guardians of children who need to access dental, hearing and/or vision services after screenings.
  4. Maintain clear, concise, and legible documentation on all assigned cases.
  5. Continually update the database system with the status of all cases.
  6. Establish strong phone relationship with parent(s)/guardian(s).
  7. Provide excellent customer service.
  8. Meet minimum daily, weekly, and monthly call goals.
  9. Collect written stories and/or photos from families who benefited from HKF’s programs and obtain signed media releases.
  10. Conduct children’s dental, hearing, and vision screenings at various locations; provide administrative support for processing screening results; and provide follow up for screening cases that indicate a dental, hearing, and/or vision issue.
  11. Conduct dental, hearing, and vision screenings with assigned team member or alone.
  12. Enter screening information into data collection system, using established protocols.
  13. Perform administrative tasks, such as mailing consent forms and results to screening sites.

REQUIREMENTS:  (E=Essential; D=Desired)

  1. BA/BS in Health Science, Social Work, or in a related field. (E)
  2. 3-5 years of case management experience in the field of community work. (E)
  3. 1-2 years of work experience focusing on low-income families and/or subsidized health coverage programs. (E)
  4. Comprehensive knowledge of the local community and demonstrated ability to relate to the diverse cultures of the residents in our region. (E)
  5. Exceptional computer skills, Microsoft 2013 Programs, Web Browsers, Google docs, other Cloud-based software, and database experience. (E)
  6. Fluent in Spanish and English. (E)
  7. Available and willing to work a non-standard workweek, including flexible schedules, evenings, and weekends to spend significant amount of time working in the community, essential to meet the service requirements of this population. (E)
  8. Willing and able to work in varied environments (e.g., outside, in a public place or office, at school facilities, etc.). (E)
  9. Able to adapt to a changing environment, work independently and multi-task. (E)
  10. Excellent organizational skills, able to appropriately plan, and prepare all materials in a timely manner. (E)
  11. Communicate effectively and in a professional manner that encourages teamwork and productivity with a variety of community contacts, government agencies, and HKF staff. (E)
  12. Demonstrated ability to make effective public presentations to groups in a public setting; sufficiently proficient orally and in writing in a bilingual environment to answer questions and develop information in English and Spanish; excellent listening skills. (E)
  13. Highly effective interpersonal and problem-solving skills; non-judgmental demeanor; and ability to deal well with a very diverse population, negotiate differences, determine appropriate action and/or follow up, and work with difficult or aggressive people. (E)
  14. Demonstrated knowledge of population and/or services related to children and able to gain and maintain knowledge and information about current eligibility guidelines, requirements, and benefits of subsidized insurance programs and health delivery systems. (D)
  15. Able to prepare clear and concise reports; experience with project management and completion; able to meet deadlines in a consistent and reliable manner. (E)
  16. Proficiency in online computerized applications, such as proprietary databases, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word, to enter/retrieve data and prepare reports. (E)
  17. Maintain confidentiality of all information contained in reports, records, documents, and business communications in general. (E)
  18. Meet employer grooming, business dress standards and present oneself in a professional manner while in the field and/or when representing HKF to the community. (E)
  19. Reflect HKF in all activities; recognize that this role cannot easily be separated from the individual, even in activities outside of work. (E)
  20. Possess a valid California Driver License, with access to a reliable vehicle and current proof of insurance, or have the ability to provide reliable, alternate transportation if prohibited by a medically documented disability from obtaining a driver license. (E)
  21. Physical requirements needed to perform the essential functions of this job, with or without accommodation:
  22. Dexterity, Mobility and Strength Requirements: ability to perform repetitive motion (keyboard); writing/note-taking; ability to independently lift and carry up to 40 lbs.; ability to stoop, reach; and stand for extended periods. (E)
  23. Visual Requirements: ability to read close-up and do close-up work. (E)
  24. Hearing/Talking Requirements: ability to hear normal speech, hear, and talk on telephone. (E)
  25. Emotional/Psychological Requirements: ability to deal with public contact on the phone, in person, and in public presentations; decision making; concentration. (E)


The job duties, responsibilities, skills, functions, educational factors, and the requirements and conditions listed in this job description are representative only and not exclusive of the tasks that an employee may be required to perform. Healthier Kids Foundation reserves the right to revise this job description at any time.

To apply for the Case Manager position, please send a resume and cover letter to Outreach Manager, Erika Gonzalez, at

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