The Status of Children’s Health: Santa Clara County 2016 puts us one step closer to ensuring that all children have access to the care that they need to thrive.
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We had a great time at Healthier Kids Foundation’s 7th Annual Symposium on the Status of Children’s Health in Santa Clara County. There were lots of new and familiar faces and we hope everyone enjoyed the presentations. A big thanks to all of our speakers—you are what make this event better every year. Check out our short video of the day, you might be on it!

If you missed any of the presentations or would like to hear one again, you can watch the videos below.

To view the past PowerPoint presentations and DataBooks, click here

 2017 Symposium Speakers

Stephen Black

Secretary Diana Dooley

Jessica Ray, RDH, DMD

Manu Chaudhry, MS, DDS

Robert Fluegge

Ted Lempert, JD

2016 Symposium Speakers

Douglas Jutte, MD, MPH

Wendelin Slusser, MD, MS

Patricia Barreto, MD, MPH and Karina Perez, MS, RDN

Peter Long, PhD

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Healthier Kids Foundation Submission

2014 Symposium Speakers

      • Doug Jutte, MD, MPH

      • Karina Perez, RD

      • Anisha Patel

      • Melinda Landau

      • John Fehmer

2014 Symposium Guests

      • Hon. Mike Wasserman

      • Hon. Ellen Wheeler

      • Patricia Gardner

      • Hon. Larry Carr

      • Hon. Dan Furtado

      • Meri Maben

      • Hon. Jim Davis

      • Arny Tesnado

      • Mayor Steve Tate

      • Dianna Ballesteros, EdD

      • Susan Hamlin

      • Maryellen Peterson

Board of Directors

    • Emily Lam

    • Rich Constantine

    • Dana Ditmore

    • Reymundo Espinoza

    • Rhonda Farber

    • Brad Lambert

    • Jocelynn Maier
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