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Challenge Team is engaging Santa Clara youth in the 3rd Annual Contest by asking an important question: What does health mean to you?

COMPLETE CONTEST DETAILS: 2019 City of Santa Clara Youth Video Contest


The City of Santa Clara Challenge Team actively supports the well-being of children and families in Santa Clara by nurturing and facilitating valuable community relationships.

Challenge Team engages service providers, and community leaders from non-profit organizations, city and county services, and school districts who serve and support the success of youth and families in the City of Santa Clara.

Challenge Team members meet monthly to connect with one another, collaborate, discuss challenges, and share resources. This consortium focuses on the promotion of health and well-being as well as the prevention of at risk behaviors. Over 26,000 children call the City of Santa Clara home.  Together, we can foster healthy youth development for all kids in our city.

The City of Santa Clara Challenge Team is a replication of the very successful Mountain View-Los Altos  Challenge Team, founded in 1987.

Meeting time and location:

2nd Wednesday of the month 12:00-1:30 PM
Mary Louise Mello Auditorium
Community Recreation Center
969 Kiely Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95051



Members are individuals from school districts, non-profit organizations, city and county services, and parent and student groups who serve youth and strengthen the City of Santa Clara community.

Join us! The City of Santa Clara Challenge Team holds a monthly meeting on the second Wednesday of the month from 12:00-1:30 PM in the Mary Louise Mello Auditorium at the Community Recreation Center.


2019_ March CT Agenda
2019_February CT Agenda
2019_ January CT Agenda

2018_ December CT Agenda
2018_ November CT Agenda
2018_ October CT Agenda
2018_September CT Agenda
2018_May CT Agenda
2018_April CT Agenda
2018_March CT Agenda
2018_February CT Agenda
2018_January CT Agenda

2017_December CT Agenda
2017_November CT Agenda
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2016_December CT Agenda
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Past Meeting Presentations

2019_ January CT Presentation_ Kim Castro_ Parks and Recreation
2019_ January CT Presentation_Mego Lien_Suicide Prevention

2018_ December CT Presentation _ Dr. Tracy Filler_Dental Health
2018_ November CT Presentation_Terry Edmonson_Child and Adolescent Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Facility
2018_November CT Presentation_Christine Rutherford-Stuart_ Children’s Health Improvement Plan
2018_October CT Presentation_ Julia Spiegel_ Public Charge
2018_October CT Presentation_ Marcy Lauck_DataZone
2018_ September CT Presentation_ April Kihara_Resilience
2018_May CT Presentation Ted Lempert Children Now Report Card
2018_April CT PresentationsTerry Downing-Gallo Rebuilding Together and Grecia Escobar-Emery Catholic Charities
2018_March CT Presentation Maria Daane Parents Helping Parents and Teresa Pedrizco Construyendo Futuros
2018_February CT Presentation Carrie Casto SCUSD FRC
2018_January CT Presentation Dionisio Palencia Children’s Dental Center

2017_December CT Presentation Stanley Lee DFCS
2017_December CT Presentation Documents
2017_November CT Presentation Andrea Fraume Bay Area Wilderness Training and Pamela Weiss Bay Area Crisis Text Line
2017_October CT Presentations Washoe Native TANF and IRC in San Jose
2017_September CT Presentation Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
2017_June CT Presentation Dr. Roxana Marachi
2017_May CT Presentation Nutrition Education and Seamless Summer
2017_April CT Diabetes Prevention Program Resources
2017_March CT Presentations- Norma Molina American Diabetes Association and Ali Barekat Sunday Friends
2017_February CT Presentation Materials- D.A.R.E. Officer Stephanie Knight Internet Safety
2017_January CT Presentation- Dr. Nereyda Hurtado Building Blocks of Parenting
2017_January CT Presentation- Kim Castro Santa Clara Parks and Rec.

2016_December CT Presentation- Jeremy Loader 10 Steps to a Healthier You!
2016_December CT Presentation – Julie Quinn Housing Trust Silicon Valley
2016_November CT Presentation- Cindy McCown Second Harvest Food Bank
2016_November CT Presentation- Ben Gonzales Santa Clara Unified School District
2016_October CT Presentation- Mary Ann Dewan Santa Clara County Office of Education
2016_October CT Presentation- Doreen Hassan YMCA Central
2016_September CT Welcome Presentation
2016_September CT Presentation- Crystal Nava FIRST 5

Upcoming Challenge Team meetings:
February 13, 2018
March 13, 2019
April 10, 2019
May 8, 2019


For more information please contact:

Sarah Peña
408.564.5114 X233

Mailing address:

Healthier Kids Foundation
4040 Moorpark Ave., Suite 100
San Jose, CA 95117


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