Utilizing licensed dentists, the DentalFirst program screens children 6 months to 18 years old for undetected dental issues and assists them with accessing follow-up dental care. An estimated 29% of the children screened need to be contacted to ensure that the children receive follow-up dental services.

For more information on DentalFirst, please contact, or call 408.564.5114 x210.

DentalFirst Testimonial

Child’s Age: 3

Dental was not a concern I had for Daniel. I thought Daniel was too young to have dental issues. I thought the appropriate age to take children in to see the dentist is at age 5. I did not notice any dental issues with Daniel prior to the screening. I just made sure he brushed twice a day. I was scared when I found out. I could not believe that my 3 year old had so many dental issues. Daniel had severe cavities (on 4 of his teeth) and gum disease. When the staff explained the results to me, I was not quite sure what gum disease was and more concerned about the cavities as cavities is something I commonly hear about. As the staff went on, I also realized that gum disease is also serious. The staff explained to me how gum disease is developed and asked me to schedule an appointment with the dentist sometime within the week. The staff offered to help me schedule an appointment. I was afraid and asked her “What treatment will Daniel receive?” The staff explained to me that for the cavities, Daniel may receive fillings or extractions depending on how severe the cavities are. For gum disease, Daniel will receive deep cleaning.

The staff was very supportive in helping me find a dental location. The staff assisted me with scheduling the appointment on the 2nd phone call. The staff proceeded with translating to the receptionist in order to schedule the appointment for Daniel. I was concerned that the staff scheduled an appointment at a location where there was no one who spoke Vietnamese. The staff explained that the actual Dentist at Tooth Fairy Cottage speaks Vietnamese. The staff also offered to assist me with translation just in case I do show up to the appointment and there is no Vietnamese speaker on site. She told me that I can call her and place her on speaker so that she can translate.

After the appointment was scheduled, I immediately received a reminder text from the staff. The text reminded me when the appointment was along with the address and contact information for Tooth Fairy Cottage. The text message also included the staff’s contact information—her office number and her cell phone number. The case manager called me after the appointment to check in. I told her that my son received only one filling so far and has a few follow up appointments. I shared with her that Daniel is due back for three more appointments for fillings and deep cleaning. The case manager then told me that she will close off the screening paperwork but informed me that I can still reach out if I had any further questions or concerns. The case manager also reminded me to schedule dental appointments every 6 months.

After the first treatment, I was very meticulous with Daniel about brushing his teeth. I made sure to check his teeth after he brushes it and actually went out to buy a Sonicare Toothbrush for Daniel as recommended by the staff. I actually notice a change in Daniel’s teeth after the treatment. I thinks this program is important because it helps parents learn. Just based off of my experience, I learned about dental issues. The staff seem to genuinely care. Even with receiving the phone call for the testimonial, the staff’s first questions was “Xin Chao, Chi Tien, Chi khoe khong? Translation: Hi Tien, how are you doing? She asked me how I was doing first then asked how Daniel was doing before proceeding with the questionnaire. I am very grateful to this program and learned a lot based off of the relationship and conversations I had with the staff.

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