Utilizing the latest in hearing screening equipment, the HearingFirst program screens infants to adolescents (6 months-18 years old) for undetected hearing issues and assist them with accessing follow up auditory care. An estimated 10% of children screened will need to be contacted to receive follow-up auditory services.

The goal is to identify youth most likely to have a hearing impairment that may interfere with development, communication, health and education.

HearingFirst’s follow up process includes: assisting parents in accessing auditory services; contacting each child’s guardian or parent to inquire if they need health coverage; and using a case management approach to provide guidance and assistance with navigating California Children’s Services (CCS) process.

To view a sample of our hearing screening test results, click hereFor more information regarding this program, please contact HearingFirst@hkidsf.org or call 408.564.5114 x210.

See baby Elijah hear his mom for the first time:



Child’s Age: 4

My daughter is perfect in the sense that when I tell her to do something, she does it without question. When I tell her to clean up her room and put her toys away, she does it right away and even offers me help if I need it. I had begun to notice that when I spoke to Maria, she would blatantly ignore me; something I was not use to. I would become frustrated and wonder why my child no longer listened to me like she use to.

My daughter’s character is polite, kind, and minds her parents. So when my child started to ignore me when I spoke to her, I was shocked.  This was a child who never even threw so much as a temper tantrum, but now was becoming a child who did not listen.

When I received the results my initial reaction was that I felt bad because I couldn’t believe my child was not hearing well; my family doesn’t have hearing problems and is healthy so I was shocked to hear my child had hearing problems because it didn’t make sense. I immediately took my child to the doctor because I did not want to waste any time. Then when I took my child in for an appointment, I was told there was no appointments until December, but as a concerned parent, I did not want to wait. I remembered the case manager saying it may take several months for an appointment and that she would be able to schedule one sooner if they denied me; but I didn’t allow them to deny me. They referred me instantly to Sunnyvale to see an audiologist and I gladly accepted.

The case manager was very kind, supportive, and helpful. She provided great customer service by providing me with plenty of information and even what to say if they told me no. She was able to guide me on how to get an appointment in Sunnyvale; but if that would not work, she offered an alternate method (CCS).

After the treatment, I have my baby back. She is back to being that sweet girl that listens to her parents the first time she is spoken to; she no longer ignores me when I speak to her.  She can now listen to me and hear when I speak to her; she’s more receptive because she can now hear. It has become a routine to check her ears and she now welcomes the idea of going to the doctor to have her ears cleaned out.  Her teachers have mentioned to me that she is able to pay attention and listen to instructions better at school; for the most part she is still shy and pretty quiet, but they have noticed her will to try new things has increased.

I think this free program is important to children in Santa Clara County because parents like myself don’t know or even realize their might be something wrong with our children. Here I thought my child was growing up and choosing not to listen to me and mind what I say, but the entire time my poor baby could not hear me. I would ask her frustrated, “Why don’t you listen to me anymore?” and all she would say is, “Mommy I’m sorry…I couldn’t hear you.”

I would tell funders that this is a wonderful service. This service is needed because my daughter would never have been able to tell me she was having trouble hearing because she is such a good girl. All she would say is that she was sorry she couldn’t hear me and I had no idea she literally could not hear me.  The case manager kept in contact with me, checking in to see how my child was doing and if there was anything else I needed; she was always offering her help and support. She provided me with plenty of information and knowledge so I would not worry as much.

I greatly appreciate you caring for the well-being of my daughter.

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