Using a high-tech digital optic scan camera, the VisionFirst program conducts vision screenings among children ages 6 months to 18-years-old in childcare, preschool, community-based, and school settings to detect vision problems and provide immediate follow-up care so that the children can access corrective services.

This year VisionFirst is screening 39,000 children. Last year, 2016-2017 VisionFirst screened 23,713 children. In its pilot program from 2013-2014, VisionFirst screened 6,000 children.

For more information on VisionFirst, please contact, or call 408.564.5114 x210.

Brandon, Eric, and Sandra now have glasses

Eric is vision screened

Thank you for helping my daughter see the world

VisionFirst Testimonial

Child’s Age: 11

Emmanuel was screened for vision on 10/2/17 at Rocketship Discovery Prep.  His mother stated that she had taken child to his pediatrician, and that pediatrician was going to send a referral list to her, but she never received the list.  Mrs. Arellano did not take action as she was waiting for that information from Emmanuel’s pediatrician.  It wasn’t until Healthier Kids’ case manager called Mrs. Arellano to explain that her son Emmanuel received a vision screening at his school, that she was able to do something about her son’s vision.

Mrs. Arellano explained that it was that phone call that made her take action, because she was concern for her child’s vision. She noticed that her child would rub his eyes a lot as he was watching TV at home and that he was forcing his eyes a bit more as he was doing homework.  Emmanuel’s mother was concerned about his vision and knew that her child would most likely need glasses after she received our screening results. She knew her child had an eye condition, but she had not taken action to get him an eye exam. The evaluation made her decide to take action for her child.  Emmanuel’s case manager was able to provide the results and recommended an optometrist near their home.  Mrs. Arellano acted quickly and was able to make an appointment for her child.

Before the appointment date, Mrs. Arellano called the case manager on his personal cell phone. She was a bit shy on the phone about what she was asking. She was sad because she was not able to get her five children into a Christmas Shopping Spree. This touched the case manager’s heart deeply. He took action, he remembered that his ex-coworker was part of Cupertino Conservation Center and that they always have a Christmas Shopping Spree for kids. It was the perfect time as his friend was looking for kids to participate. The case manager was able to take the permission slips to Mrs. Arellano’s home after work to get her to sign it. It was that special visit that touched the case manager’s heart.  The case manager felt welcomed and was able to see Emmanuel and his four other siblings getting ready for the holidays.

The case manager introduced himself and was able to talk to Emanuel.  The case manager asked him about Healthier Kids’ vision screening and explained that based on the results he wanted him to get an eye exam. The case manager explained about the possibility of glasses and the importance of wearing them if he was prescribed glasses.

Mrs. Arellano explained that Buena Vista was fast in making the appointment and it only took two weeks to get a call to pick up the glasses. She was happy with the resources and the results as that made it easier for her son get to the appointment.  She mentioned that Emmanuel now has his glasses and wears them to school every day. Emmanuel had a hard time getting used to the glasses at first. Mrs. Arellano mentioned that fellow classmates noticed that Emmanuel got glasses and told him that it would take some time to get used to the glasses. This helped Emmanuel wear glasses during school and at home as well. Mrs. Arellano was happy that her son had our screenings as that made her take action for her child. She talked about how these programs are a great help for parents as it helps them take their children to get the services they need. If she had the opportunity to talk to one of our founders she stated, “I would recommend these programs to parents who do know about Healthier Kids Foundation.” Mrs. Arellano was very happy for the services and resources that were provided to her and her family.  She is very happy that Emmanuel got the glasses he needed and that he is doing a lot better in school.

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