Premise, Mission and Strategies

Mission Statement
Our mission is to ensure that every child in our community receives the family-centered care that he or she needs to thrive. There is no human endeavor that is outside the realm of health.

It should not hurt to be a child. All children do not have access to the quality health care that they need to thrive. Without good health, it is difficult for them to be academically and socially successful, and for them to become productive adults.

What we do:
Healthier Kids Foundation provides preventive services, health screenings, case management, and health education, with the means to continuously measure our results. We empower families to advocate for themselves.
How we do it:
Healthier Kids Foundation applies both proven and cutting edge approaches and technology for population preventive health.
We maintain a network of medical, technical, school-based, and community partnerships to create accountable health communities for children and families.

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